Visual Design & UX Case Study

Eco Experience Florida

User Experience Design
  • Comparative Assessment
  • Sketches
  • Wireframes
  • Moodboard
  • Identity
  • Iconography
Visual Design
  • Design Comps

Florida Coastal Office provides opportunities for visitors to learn about the environment through a wide range of sustainable eco experiences.

They came to me to help them create a website for visitors to book eco experiences online. This was a brand new product for the Florida Coastal Office and therefore needed a new visual system, including branding, iconography and typography along with user experience and visual design for the website.


Due to the tight turn around on this project, we took a lean approach. I began with research and loose sketches to create a low-fidelity prototype. This allowed the developers to start building while I worked on the branding and visual design.

User Experience Design

Comparative Assessment

I started with a comparative assessment to help the client start thinking about what content they might want their site to contain.

Lonely Planet places search front and center along with traveller tips
Travel Oregon use a nice interactive map to show different regions
Pure New Zealand include an image rich inspiration section on their landing page
Visit Finland utilises visual social networking areas on their landing page
Visit Britain allow users to toggle between a map and traditional view
Travel Belize use a large visual hero with silent video playing in the background


I prepared sketches of the mobile experiences. This would help the client to really think about what content they wanted on the website. It also allowed us to start looking at user flows.


Once we had received a sampling of the content to be included, we were able to create wireframes for mobile and desktop journeys.



Once we had sign off on the wireframes, I was able to start on the branding. I began researching Florida’s culture and wildlife, and created a pinterest board for both the client and I to contribute our ideas. I put together a moodboard to communicate the look and feel of the brand.

Key Words

Discovery, learning, aquatic, fun, environment, conservation


I began by focusing on simple marks to keep the focus conceptual. The designs were inspired by vintage park badges, wildlife found throughout Florida and the eco experiences that take place within the preserves. Once we had signed off a concept, I moved forward with colour, the logotype and finalising the design.


Two sets of icons were drawn. One to represent items that visitors would need to bring to the experiences and another to represent facilities available in each aquatic preserve.

Visual Design

Design Comps

Using the newly established branding, I moved onto the visual design of the website. All of the designs needed to work across multiple platfroms.

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