Beth Brettingham

Visual & UX Designer

A little history of me

I kicked off my career working as a digital designer for an interactive design agency in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio. I was lucky enough to work on exciting projects for clients like Herbal Essences and Panteen Pro-V. From there, I made the leap into freelance, which gave me exposure to fantastic agencies and brands, along with allowing me to take on some of my own clients.

Since moving to London in 2011, I’ve developed skills in digital design, branding and user experience. In the past year, I have had a chance to work on a wide range of projects, including a digital advertising campaign for Google, a microsite and personalised video for Race for Life, a pitch for The Body Shop, interactive infographics for CNN and a social campaign for X-Factor winners, Little Mix.

What I do

User Experience Design. I get to to the core of a problem to create well thought out design deliverables.

Visual Design. I’ll think through a problem and present a striking visual design that will be on brand and consider user needs.

Branding. I understand brands and know how to jump into an existing brand project or how to build a brand from scratch.

Typography. I’m a huge type nerd. Nothing pleases me more than chatting about the most recent geometric sans-serif release over a cup of coffee.

Illustration. I like to create simple vector illustrations.